I'm Different-- Deal With It

You might not get what I'm saying in my blog. But blogging give me a sense of calmness that I don't get when I talk to people. This is one of the ways I could understand myself. Call it talking to myself, or I'm losing my head, but this is more like listening to myself rather than talking to myself.

I'm complex, I don't expect people to understand or love me. Blogging gives freedom, and maybe that is exactly what I needed all along. When I'm down, I don't look forward to talk to anyone, I look forward to just sit down, relax my mind and blog.

I have my own 'system' of doing everything that is different from anybody else. How I protect my friends, how I show someone that I love 'em, or how I show people how I truly feel about things.

And one more thing, don't expect me to be perfect, because I never will be.

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