Last Post :')

This is the last post I'll dedicate to you.
To show you how much I miss you,
& wish we could have ended up better
than where we are now.
I won't regret the things that I did with you,
or things I did for you.
It was all worth it. It was all worth a shot.
You have no idea how much I would want to give up
to be with you,
but I guess it was all just a fairytale to have it come true.
I'm not suppose to miss you, but I really, really do.
I know being your best friend would remain longer
than being any of your girlfriend,
so if this is what it takes to see you forever,
then I don't mind.
They say people hold on to the things that they believe in,
but now that every thing's a blur,
I am not going to force things to happen anymore.
I'm happy as long as you're happy

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