New Place :)

New place, new beginning, new hope!

No, I didn't just get married and move to a new house. Well, move to the new house part is right, but not the marriage part. Oh, I moved to an apartment, so technically it's not really a house, but yeah, I moved. Haha! Forgive me for being annoying :p

This is my can't-recall-how-many time(s) I've moved. I'm getting used to it actually. And I plan to not move around just the city alone, but actually to other countries. Jet-setting all the time. Sure we would all love that, right ;)
Yea, right...

Everything's still all over the place, and I don't even know where to start. Man, it happens to me all the time. I started off with sorting out the things I use most, then the things that I would probably use in the near future. Then everything else is still-- messed up. It takes progress I think. I need a hand, though. If you want to, feel free to help out with placing things out :)

And now, everything still seem uncertain. Been so worried and stressed out about everything lately. Why is it so hard to convince myself that everything will be okay? Guess I like things too well planned, that I don't expect life to be a surprise. I was admonished by my brother for worrying so much. "You wrote on your blog to keep the faith yet you yourself make it as if you don't have any faith."

"Crap," I thought. I hate it when my own words hit myself in the head.

But life; life itself should be a surprise. None of it should work, so that the thing that we don't expect (and sometimes that we don't like) would happen for us, and in the long run you would realize that it was the thing you need all along.

Yes, I know, God never gives us what we want, He teaches us by giving us what we need. So, I'm not going to act like a little brat who's such a 'Know-It-All', as if I know what's best for me, and as if God is not doing a good job, but rather just let everything go and fall into the right places. Yeah... To the right; and its beautiful place.


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