Stripped Down To The Core

Hello. I'm probably either a genius or an idiot for writing this blog. So, I'm going to tell you what is there you need to know about me. This post beats any ''About Me" sections on any of my profile, on any accounts I have anywhere.

The most basic thing that people don't probably know is that my parents have separated and divorced. They separated when I was 6 and officially divorced on the 15th of July 2005, a day before my 13th birthday, which made me hate birthdays that much more. If you know that about me, then consider yourself someone I count on and trust, because although I don't mind talking about it, I do choose who I want to talk it to and who I'd rather not talk about it to.

And ever since I was 16, I helped my Mom with the bills and stuffs by tutoring, and it's not a pretty bad job although it was shocking for me at first, but then I got used to it. I thought by what happened to my family, I have had to give up all my dreams. I know I have the chance to continue what I love doing in university, but I've decided to take a bold chance (or plain dumb risk) to do something for the sake of my family. Because when you love someone, you have to think of their needs first before yours. And now that God has started to open doors for me, I really am thankful for every thing that happened, 'cause now, clearly, I can see that every thing happens for a reason. A beautiful reason indeed.

P.S: By writing these, I don't mean to ask for your sympathy, or compliments. I do all of it with nothing else but by the grace of God :)


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