God, Why Me? (A Must-Read)

I was inspired by a broadcast message to do this post, but I hope what you're about to read will encourage you like it has encouraged me :) Arthur Ashe is an African-American tennis player who won three Grand Slam titles; U.S Open (1968), Australian Open (1970), Wimbledon (1975).

In 1979, he suffered a heart attack which required him to do a bypass operation. After his second round of heart surgery, he was forced to face the music because it made the situation that much worse rather than getting any better. He was infected with HIV through the blood transfusions he had received during the second surgery.

When he received a letter from a fan which conveyed: ”Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?”
Ashe replied: "Listen. 50 million children around the world start playing tennis. 5 million learn to play tennis. 500,000 learn professional tennis. 50,000 come to the circuit. 5000 reach The Grand Slam. 50 reach Wimbledon. 8 reach the Quarterfinals. 4 to the Semifinals. 2 to the Finals. When I was holding the Cup I never asked God: Why me? So why now, in pain, should I be asking Him: WHY ME?"

“If I were to say, God, why me? about the bad things, then I should have said, God, why me?
about the good things that happened in my life.”

I did a little research on him before putting him in the spotlight. Here's some of the things in his life which I want to highlight. He was the first African-American to win a Grand-Slam event. He was arrested on January 11, 1985, for protesting outside the South African embassy in Washington D.C. during an anti-apartheid rally. He was arrested again on September 9, 1992, outside the White House for protesting on the recent crackdown on Haitian refugees.

After his retirement, he took his time writing for Time magazine. He also founded the Arthur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS.

Ashe was born on the 10th of July. And as ridiculous as I might make this sound, it is comforting to know someone who-- although doesn't go through the exact pain as I am-- has the passion and talent that he does and God has trusted him with such difficulty for him to overcome, and he did. Now it's time for another person born in July to be a part of history. And don't worry, other people born in January through December are allowed to do the same, too ;)

"I believe I was destined to do more than hit tennis balls"- Arthur Ashe

"Winning horse doesn't know why it runs the race.
It runs because of beats and pain.
Life is a race, God is your rider.
So if u are in a pain, then think,
God wants you to win."


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