Light After Dark :)

The sky has to get a little dark to see the stars above.

Sure you can't see the stars with all the lights from the building and cars and such at night. You have to wait 'til the city is at its darkest and then you can see all the beautiful stars.

I am so blessed to have the most amazing friends to be there at whatever situation needed. Those people that you meet just for the heck of it, without knowing what to do when you meet up, but you're sure you'll end up having fun and it'll be one of the best days of your life.

I've been through the darkest place possible, and it was not a fun place to dwell in. But by the time I was there, everything was proven to me. The people who truly care, the people who are there only for the ups in life, or those people who unexpectedly came to help you see the light.

Just by a simple advice, or when they know me so well, they come up with a relevant tease, just to put a smile on that frown face. Thank you for the continuous support from Tweets, Blackberry Messenger, and Facebook. I'll pay my dues to you guys when I get the chance :"D


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