So Many Ways... many ways to be famous, yet so little way to be remembered

When you hear the word Oprah, no other explanation needed, right? You can immediately tell who I'm talking about. Or when you hear the word Disney. Scenes of your favorite childhood cartoons instantly jumbling inside your head. What about Jonas? I instantly remember Nick :)

The credit he's given for worth more than just his handsome look. Because although growing up alongside his other brothers, he just shines from the very beginning. And although he's the youngest out of the three, his talents overshadow the other two.

And although people say it's just another publicity stunt that Nick's trying to pull of with his purity ring, I honestly think that he does want to change the whole rockstar image. I mean, he's living the dream, but as a public figure, he wants to set an example too. Like I said in the previous blogs, I do (or at least want to) believe that good guys do exist.

I love how he dealt with diabetes, too. Must be tough living under the spotlight and have to go through a phase where he's battling a sickness every single day yet his job is to entertain people--consist of mostly teenagers who are fragile and watch every move that he make-- and try not to show it to the whole world. Having to live in pain and turn it into a good thing... Hmm, I can relate to that.

I don't adore him based on just his good looks, Joe is good looking, and so is Kevin, but there's something about Nick that shines the brightest in the whole band. He turns 18 today and for somebody so famous at that age, he's handling everything so well. And I'm somewhat happy that he is now rocking on his own, being the center of attention in his own band. I know he's not going to read this anyway, but in case he miraculously does, I'm just going to say, stay the way you are, 'cause the guy I highly admire rocks.


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