Some of my friends are back to Indonesia from the holidays, a few stayed in the country and just go to the same ol' all-time-favorite holiday destination-- BALI! Some have returned to their original countries outside Indonesia; some came back for study purposes, some came back because it's their hometown. And the most anticipated thing for the people who don't go anywhere at all for the holidays (referring to yours truly, me!), what other thing but souvenirs from those who went away for their holiday trips!!! :D

Okay, so... Get your notes ready because here are a few of my favorite souvenir list:

(and yes, the order of this list indicates how important it is...)

1. A biiiiig jar of Nutella :)

A friend of Mom once brought me this ginormous jar of Nutella and it lasted for months because I really do love my toast spread with a generous amount of Nutella, but since the cost of Nutella is obviously distinguishable than the price outside Indonesia, I want to really enjoy the taste of it and not take it for granted :p

...okay I have a weird thing for chocolate, it is strangely soothing!

2. Call me old school, but I love postcards!!!

It's sort of a little reminder, or if I've never been to the place, a little taste of the place which is photographed on the postcard.

3. Books about the country, or maps, or the sightings in the country.

I like reading about histories, or see the roads or tourist's most visited places. Although I would like to know about other beautiful places that sometimes aren't as popular as the places that are well known in the country. Transport access, such as ferries, rafts, trams, anything that can make me picture myself on, or wish I could ride on!

4. Book about the language of the country.

Again, another obsession of traveling around the world. I would like to learn one or two phrases that might be a little useful, just for the fun of it :p

5. Something that is a must have item from the country, or a miniature of something that reminds you of the country.

Clogs or windmills that remind you of Holland. Or those little egg-shaped doll from Russia that every time you open up the outer part, there's a smaller egg-shaped doll inside of it and it gets smaller and smaller every time. Uhh, not sure if it's from Russia though. Just want to give you an example, but might actually make a fool of myself. And I'm too lazy to google it. Bahah!

I don't ask you to bring all 5, any either one would make my day! Then again, a round trip ticket around the world beats the heck out of any of these 5!!!

...not gonna happen

..but still

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