When I Think Of You

Everyone hates waiting, and I don't think anyone would want to be kept waiting. But I just saw a quote that painted how I feel perfectly, which I now use as my Blackberry Messenger status.

"And everything worth having is worth waiting for"

...beautiful :)

I always come across the same problems with guys. Distance.
It's either they left the country by the time I realized I fell for him, or we just have trouble seeing each other from the first time I realized I like him, yet he has all the right reasons for me to fall for him. And this time-- this time around it's the same thing happening again! Blarh, I am going to be so bummed if my first relationship happens to be a long distance relationship, but seems like it would most likely happen since distance has been the only kind of problem I deal with all along.

Honestly we don't communicate much, the time difference and with his schedule I know it's going to be hard to even talk about the most basic stuffs. His Blackberry Messenger status is always busy. Or it's work. Or it's fitness. Or it's whatever status that doesn't make me feel like disturbing him. I know it may not be this way, this might just be me, but I feel like I'm the only person making the extra effort. Trying to dig him deeper, get where he's going, but that's just me, I can't just not give it a try. Because if this doesn't end as well as I want it to, it's worth the embarrassment, it's worth every encouraging words or simple 'good night'(s) I say to him, it's worth showing him that I care-- because he's different. The way I see it, he might just be the one guy who makes me believe that actually good guys do exist in this world. So why not give it a shot :)


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