Don't hesitate to leave critics and comments, I don't mind :) as long as you keep 'em sweet and neat then I'm absolutely fine with it. Haha! Just kidding, if there's something you don't agree with, feel free to let me know ;)

I've said this a lot in my previous post(s), but that hasn't changed how I feel, even until now. Visitors to my blog are always welcomed, but ever since I've started writing back in '07 (fyi, I started with Multiply), I have the least expectation on people who would connect with what I write or understand a word I'm saying. But it feels good to know people could relate to what I write about :)

I've admitted on how strange this life I live before-- or different, if that's how I tell people so that I will not scare them away, that is why I talk about my own life in my blog, 'cause that helps me to figure things out, without excessively exposing the stories of my life! Somebody actually sent me a message regarding to this blog of mine and how this person referred to it as 'deep and unusual.' Hmm, that's a word that wont make people runaway from me and yet still describes who I am-- unusual. Call it as you please, I don't mind at all :D

I love reading feedbacks, whether it's good or bad feedbacks, I would still read it anyways. Not that I like the attention, but if you've taken the time to stop whatever things you're doing and have a moment to read my blog, that alone is something I'm thankful about, even if you dislike the things that I write :) So, thank you!!! I appreciate the time :) Stay tune for more, you're in for a big treat!!! :D


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