A Little Bit Longer

Nobody can argue with time, everything that goes along with it is final. You live life and will learn to never waste it, 'cause once you do, it'll never come back to you.

We complain sometimes by saying, "It's too late; I've lost something I care about for good and now nothing good is ever coming towards my direction ever again." But thinking you're out of time actually doesn't make any sense. You're not the 'director' of your life, Someone is, Someone who has a bigger and brighter vision on what to do with your life. The 'Director' is someone who works behind the scenes, don't really show what He's got to offer to the public eye, but by the final result of the whole movie determines whether it's a good or a bad movie, right?

Or it's like honking at a red light. I mean, the 'red light' is programmed to know when is the best time to go green, yellow, or red. If you're impatient and you're just thinking, "Green! Green! Green!" And you're honking like crazy, everyone would think you've lost it! And honestly, the louder you honk won't make any difference anyway.

I feel like these days are the testing days. I have to learn to survive a little bit longer because I still got a long way to go, and this is the beginning. I'm just anticipating to go past through this stage!


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