Love The Way He Lies

The song is played over and over and over on the radio, and I can't help but sharing what I think about the song. Some people take the song too literally, they think this is a ridiculous song, saying that- what kind of girl should love the way her man lies? It's not meant to be that way. The song shows the pain this person felt in an abusive relationship with Rihanna singing the chorus, and also with the Eminem part, where he, as the abuser, is tired of getting to the same temperamental self and is struggling to make a change.

It's like saying, I'm not even going to fight back when you abuse me because I love you too much to argue. It's the exact meaning on how people say how love is blind.

Or I love the way you lie. It's about knowing that he's not even going to keep his promise although he would say sorry at the end and make another promise, but she feels like it's endless, yet she still would take him back anyways. So it's not about consciously thinking that it's okay that he lies, it's like battling a personal demon, how she is addicted to his love, yet she's dying on the inside.

Showing how stuck they are with each other and how attached they are in this chaotic relationship. In my honest opinion, I think when you're hurting, that's when the loving need to stop. Don't let an abusive relationship ruin your future. You deserve better.

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