My Dream Guy

Many people drool over Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. Some were charmed by Harry Potter's smile. Some people can be moved when they see a character in a movie.

Me? I was moved by Wall-E. I know, I know. 'It' is not even a human being, which makes it creepy. But the innocence. The honesty. The vulnerability that I see in Wall-E is probably the things I want in a guy. Some guys are already 'contaminated' by his friends. Or just by the environment in which he grew up in.

And Wall-E, how he would work his bolts off for his true love, that really touched me right here (eyes filled with tears, while pointing to the left side, just beneath the chest). Even if it means going to the ends of the Earth (or in his case, outer space). I know, such guy doesn't exist. Maybe just the part where he'll do whatever it takes to make the girl happy, risking his own life while doing so is the best part of it :)

And uhhhhh, maybe minus the robotic-like accent.

I'll be your Eve, if you'll be my Wall-E :)


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