New Trends, Old Friends

I don't really go out on Fridays, traffic in the city is the worst next to Mondays, but since there's an event held in fX that made me pretty excited about going-- not only because my high school friends are coming along, but also a yard sale was held by fashion bloggers of Jakarta-- I decided to get my lazy ass up and got through the insane traffic anyways. Little did I know, I was in for a fun night up ahead ;)

So I arrived at about 5 p.m-ish and met up with Titin and Gilvina. The funny thing is, we haven't got the chance to talk about where we'll meet up, yet somehow we all gathered in the same place by chance! We decided to go to Mazee, the place where the yard sale took place, and Gilvina also told me that her senior is performing in just a second! So we hurried up, and we were in time for the performance and also looked around through the great outfits and other accessories! The place was already packed with people starving for a stylish treat, and I'm sure their appetites are filled with satisfaction!

Mazee, 6th floor, where the yard sale took place!

Inside the toilet just after we met by coincidence!
Left to right: Agnes, Me, Titin

Straight down to business! Looking through everything and anything :)
Top picture: Gilvina and Me
Bottom picture: Gilvina checking out the awesome items by Riotous by SEM

Me in the middle of the hectic transactions happening at the yard sale :p

Finally reunited!!!
Top (Left to Right): Gilvina, Genevie, Me
Bottom (Left to Right): Titin, Agnes, Willy

The booths by all the fashion bloggers

...patiently dealing directly with all the customers :)

One of the fashionable people that made this yard sale happen and a huge success!
Sonia Eryka :D

I felt short standing next to people wearing heels :p
The oh-so-fabulous bloggers!
Left to Right: Michelle Koesnadi, Sonia Eryka, Me, Gilvina

And so it was only 6.30 p.m yet everyone were already starving, so we decided to leave the yard sale and grab some dinner. We went through Mazee and took quite a few pics before exiting.

Inside the enormous fitting room! It could literally fill up to 10 people.
Left to right: Genevie, Willy, Agnes, Me, Titin, Gilvina

Two others joined the fun! Chacha and Karen :)
Top (Left to right): Me and Agnes
Bottom (Left to right): Gilvina, Karen, Chacha

Met an old high school friend! Sonny :)
Left to right: Titin, Jason, Agnes, Me, Gilvina, Sonny, Willy

It was a first for me to see these guys perform, but definitely would not be the last :D
And the senior I said earlier, is the lead singer of the band. How nice of him to give a shoutout to Gilvina :)

Taking pictures with the funny-looking frames we found :p
Left to right: Me, Gilvina, Agnes and Chacha

With Potenzio's lead singer, Narendra, such a friendly guy :)

What can I say, we love taking pics ;p
Lefe to right: Titin, Gilvina, Me, Agnes

After strolling around fX, we chose Mangkok Putih for dinner! :)
Left to right: Genevie, Willy, Me, Catherine, Titin, Agnes, Gilvina, Chacha

Oh and someone also came in by surprise!
Catherine joined us for dinner! :D

Left to right: Genevie, Willy, Me, Karen, Chacha

Wasn't feeling too hungry so I decided to go with Pinklicious from Sour Sally for dinner

After being caught in the worst traffic, Gilvina's boyfriend, Dimas, finally came in to join us too ;)

One night to remember!
Left to right: Agnes, Titin, Karen, Gilvina, Willy, Genevie, Jason

Shoutout to the ever-so-beautiful singer/songwriter, boutique owner/fashion blogger Sonia Eryka who invited me to come! (and I would run out of adjectives to describe her :p)

And that is all for now, check out my Facebook album for more pictures of the night! I'm outie ;)


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