Why You Shouldn't Date A Smoker

This is not that important... Just some random stuffs I feel like saying! The guide to living a happy and healthy life :p My version of why you shouldn't date a smoker :)

1. If you wear contacts, the smoke gets your eyes all dry and red... So that's not good.
2. Well the composition of cigarettes itself is not good so if you inhale all of that because your partner is a smoker, even if you're a passive smoker, it'll still damage and contaminate your lungs then that's not good.
3. No matter how many liter of perfume you pour on your body, you'll always smell like cigarettes.
4. His/her breath will be unpleasant to be near with.
5. He/she can't stand a day without smoking, that means cigarette's a priority, texting you or calling you would be an option.
6. A guy or a girl who can't even love or take care of their own darn self, wouldn't even have the power to take care of others.
7. Even if they love you, they'll love you more than they love their cigars, meaning they will leave smoking for becoming a better person. Guys/girls might say, "If you love me for who I am, you'll have to deal with the fact that I'm a smoker." Truth is, if you love someone, you'll want the best for them, not letting them DIE SLOWLY by what YOU do, because automatically you would want to live longer with that person that you love...

I know so many people would disagree with the things I wrote down, but that's just my opinion, I think you wouldn't want to have the person you love suffocate, or letting that person die slowly.


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