A World Inside A World

There's no way of shutting down. This little head of mine, it just constantly thinks and thinks, and it just won't stop. Maybe (and hopefully) I won't run out of topics in the next century, but up 'til now I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about it.

Here's a little insight of how I do it. On why and how I write. I write because there's always things to write about, it really is that simple, I don't do it for the sake of people seeing it and expect them to understand everything I write about. I can see a spider crawling and write a chapter of a book about it; what according to you is nonsense can actually be another segment of my story. What you see here is raw, nothing filtered, or moreover- made up. The more topics that popped up in my head, the more there is for you to see things from my perspective.

And I just realized a habit of mine that I share with other writers worldwide. When I'm thinking about something, especially when I'm alone, I have a habit of talking to myself, out loud, and turns out that's what most writers do. I read an article about how writers talk to themselves just to keep the topic flowing, and so that we won't forget about what we want to write about- it's good to know I'm not losing my head!

I try my best to make the things I write digestible and direct. Honest yet still straightforward. Because-- this is one of the many reasons I want to study psychology-- I found out that the human mind is intricate, so I find it amazing for some of you to get what I go through and write about. And I write down the stuffs that come up to me, and even sometimes the thoughts that haunt me, so I don't consider myself a pro, because I rarely edit the blogs that I post, not that I'm too good at it that I don't need to correct or even have any mistakes, but I want you to see that I make mistakes, and that what I write is just an overflowing set of words that can't be held in any longer on the inside.

The writing is only as good as what the writer writes. So consider articles, scripts, blogs like Picasso's paintings or Beethoven's symphony. This is our canvas, we paint our thoughts by writing it into either articles, or blogs, or such. Our thoughts are like the beautiful melody, the posts are our beautiful songs.

Most writers suck information and digest it carefully before letting the public know. Writers are thinkers with an attitude, 'cause frankly we don't do it for the critics, we do it for the passion! I like reading other blogs because everyone has their way of writing, none of them are the same. I personally choose my own life to be the center of attention in my blog 'cause that is what I feel like talking about, because I may not live the best life, but hey, I'm here for a reason. I'm not going to pretend like I'm a comedian who writes funny lines, or who post pictures because fashion is my life, not that there's anything wrong with any of these, but every writer is their own person, and maybe I may not be the majority of the mainstream and I don't get much attention by the things that I write on my blog, but this is what I love doing, this is one of the many things I want to be doing for the next upcoming years of my life. Make you guys think by the things that I write about, and maybe if you and I are both lucky, we can take something good from it :)


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