And It Keeps On Turning.....

It goes up and down. Yes, life is like a wheel that spins nonstop. Sometimes when life takes an unexpected turn, all you can do is just roll along with it. There are certainly things you won't easily accept and just adjust to, but as I've said before, sometimes life doesn't offer you any choices, in a way it forces you to go along with it. Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the tests first and the lesson afterwards.

You know what I learn as life goes on? I learn that you'll find people worth living, family worth sacrificing, friends worth fighting for. And the one thing you should never give up on is your dreams. A friend of mine reminded me that success is not a place you need to go to, if you're heading towards the goal in your life, then you're already living a successful life :)

Everyone age. But as you grow older, you shouldn't stop making it happen! You shouldn't be discouraged because you think 'it' has not happened for you, yet everyone around you are already at the place they've been longing to be in. Not every story has the same process, where's the fun and creativity in that? ;)

Figure out who your true friends are along the way, keep the people that have been with you from the very beginning. Visualize yourself in the place where you'd love to see yourself in. Life's unexpected anyways, nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Trust me, I've experienced it firsthand.


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