Dummy2Dummy Guide in 'Are You with the Right Person?'

I might not be a pro here, but I have a little somethin-somethin to share. Wisdom-- if that's how I call it (ha! I wish) about how to find out if you're with the right partner. Well I'm pretty much inexperienced, so that makes me a dummy, and if you listen to me, then that makes you a dummy as well. Haha, no I'm just kidding ;) this is just another random post. Don't pay much attention to it :p

I think if someone wants to be a big part of your life, then he/she has to also blend well with the people who are already a big part of your life, family and good friends for instance. Trust me, being with someone who brings you and your loved ones apart from you, won't last long for all I know. Give 'em little "tests" along the way, it might come in handy :)

You'll look forward talking to him/her. Even if it's for just a short catch-up, or just to talk about the most random stuffs, you shouldn't be avoiding to see his/her name flashing on your mobile phone, or erasing his/her text just to get away from communicating with him/her.

You both will know how to keep your pride to a minimum level. Both of you will soon learn when is the best time to say sorry, and in most needed times, it's when you feel like you don't want to or when you feel like you're not wrong.

Soon enough you'll have to deal with differences that you meet along the way. Well, you both are made up of different heads which makes it more obvious that you both would have different views on some things. It's not about how many things in common that you both have, it's more about dealing with differences which would lead you to a much stronger foundation to your relationship.

And don't give up on what you've built in time to time based on what you feel momentarily. Make wise decisions, think about the consequences you have to deal with in the long run. Most importantly, if you know, you'll know :) I might have not found the right partner, but there's no harm in writing it all down as my own guide (I know, I know, I'm that pathetic...)


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