Go Cry About It, Why Don't You?

Dim the lights, let's fade for a while.....

Funny how love works, by the time you swore you never going to fall for someone, you stumble into someone else's arms. I've been so protective of this little thing called heart and it's so hard for me to open up. It's just going to get harder now from here on out. How can you ever see the silver lining out of a heartbreak? The only good thing about it is the fact that heartbreaks inspire artists to make good love songs, which only leads us mortals to a much worse heartbreak. No, I can't afford to pick the little pieces anymore to just risk it to get my heart broken again for the..... I don't know how many times already. I've lost count.

I know I say a whole lot of crap. I told myself "That was it" for the gazillion times and I'll still going to give love another shot. I'm going to be a curious little monkey (again!) and get myself into believing that the next time would be different. This time it could actually be something you've always wished for. I guess you can never give up on love, no matter how much you try.


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