I swore to myself I'm not going to let my emotions get to me anymore, but you just have to make exceptions at one point or another. I let my guards down too sometimes. Just to prove to myself that I can't do everything by myself, I can't break my own heart and pick up the teeny tiny pieces while trying to put it all together. It's not made of stone, I also hope it's not made of glass which makes it fragile. I hope it's made up of a pillow-like substance. So every time it fell it just would bounce back or it'd be okay. I'm such a sucker for quotes, they make my day, you see one quote and it just rings in your head for hours. It's not good enough to let you forget the memories, it's good enough to kill the pain for quite some time.

You've got 2 choices. You can either sit and cry or spread your wings and fly.

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