Lend a Hand

Hope I didn't surprise you too much :p

My apologies for the lack of updates. The past couple of months have been tough for my country, and although I can't physically help them at the source of disaster, my prayers are with them, and I'm glad I did a little somethin-somethin too other than just sit down and watch the agony.

So this past couple of weeks I was involved in two charity events, the first is at the Hard Rock Cafe, titled 'Senandung Untuk Negri,' which was made up of a series of auctions from the celebrities' own belongings, from personal to professional stuffs, it was all sold for a good cause. There are so many singers and bands that performed at the event too.

There's a guitar that was sold for 10 million IDR, which once was owned by the band Gigi's guitarist, and also leather boots from one of the other rock bands. And... Let's see if I have a good memory. There's a picture of the legendary Jason Mraz which was signed with an authentic autograph too, with a little message for Indonesia. And also Delon's mic which was also autographed by the singer. There's also personal belongings like shoes and t-shirts being sold at the event. I went there with my cousin, Titin (a.k.a Christina), older brother, Jason, and my best friend, Maria. Had tons of fun as always when I'm with them :)

Me & Maria
Rio Febrian
Monita sang "God Bless the Child"
Titin, Me & Maria
Nadine Waworuntu, the talented daughter of the Indonesian diva, Ruth Sahanaya.
Awesome vocals!!! :D
Maria, Me & Jason

Then before we head home, we met up with Karen and Chacha at eX and head off for dinner at Kemayoran. Had a blast!

Jason, Me & Maria
Me & Maria
Well this is us being 'busy' with our phones :p

The other charity that I was involved in was different than the week before, which was the charity concert, this time I was really hands-on and got down and dirty. Well, this time it's a fashion show and it's a two-day event, so I got to wear one dress in a day, basically did a catwalk and the profits from the dress and other things went to charity of course :) Met a few new friends which shared a lot of experiences. Well, considering I'm inexperienced which made me an amateur, I was shocked that some of the models would want to do this, although they've done Fashion Weeks(s) and other huge brands' shows.

So the first day I got to wear a two-piece made up of a bustier and a flirty shorty short-short balloon skirt, was so pretty, I wished I could have taken it home with me, haha!

A Backstage Pict of Me and Sharon
I just don't like seeing myself wearing make-up :S

The second day I had to wear a soft pink dress, with pretty red stones on the waist that act like a belt.

Me and Charista
Sorry for the blurry pict :(

Those 2 weeks felt so fast, and I realized how much I love being involved in social events, it just proves more to me that there's so much things in this life that worth more than cash.


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