The Weak Link

I have to admit, I'm never and will never be good at losing people. Especially the ones who have left such footprints in the heart. Or become a great deal in taking part of my life. Call me an extremist, but I have to lose all sorts of contact by any means to make me forget. It's painful but it's the only quick way of getting rid of the thought of someone. It's like a waxing process, it might burn your skin for a while, but then it's spotless. That's just how I do it. I have to erase all contact details and train myself to live without them. I don't believe the fact that people go out of your life because they just have to or it's "time for them to leave," leaving is an option, so if they choose to leave then you're left with one option, close the door. You know how much pain it caused you, don't risk your heart getting broken again. People can't move on because they make exceptions for people that make them an option. There are signs, and you're not blind, you just chose not to see it and pretend like everything's fine.

Funny. How what you're trying to tell people actually hits yourself right in the head. I wish I can reach out into my skull, take my brain out, disconnect the nerves that had anything to do with people I'm trying to forget, and put it right back in. Yeah, that'll do it.


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