2010 Highlights

You can always have things to complain about, but why spare your time complaining when you have so much to be thankful for? Make a post and let me know about your 2010 highlights! Don't hesitate to write everything from big to small, good and bad, you can certainly be thankful for anything, and I mean anything at all ;)
Here's a little somethin-somethin to help you think of what you could write about.

Well at the beginning of the year I had the courage to chop my hair off! Well not completely showing off the scalp by going bald, but I have never been a short-haired gal, so this would be a first! And I also straightened it, because my hair was so wavy that it didn't look good short. I loved it at first, but I kinda miss the long and natural wavy hair of mine that I can twirl my finger to and not do much about it 'cause it looks good even when I just got out of bed.

I landed a gig with Mercedes Benz, so I got the news that they're looking for a Brand Ambassador, so I went for an interview, and they told me that they didn't know I was only 17. They wanted someone who's older, and of course-- more experienced. But I got the call even though I flunk the presentation 'cause I was sooo nervous! They worked with my presentation skills, grooming skills, so many things I've learned from the pros, and I just couldn't be happier to have learned so much at this age :D

I was involved in IIMS (Indonesian International Motor Show) and there's a competition for the whole 10 days event, I was voted as Miss Favorite Motor Show! (See more about it here.) I represented Mercedes Benz at the event and the job sounds pretty easy, although the heels that I wore were insanely hurtful! So technically I had to be a presenter slash model for the SLS AMG. I got to work with people from Frameworks like Robert and Adam, whom at first I thought are killer leaders (picture Hitler!) and they turn out to be the sweetest, most hilarious bosses to work with! Best job to date. The funny thing was, I had to do a fitting with the designer for the 'costume' of the event. So it was at 9 in the morning, and I woke up at 8, didn't shower, took a bus ride straight away! And I wasn't late, miraculously the traffic was nice to me :) And because my house was far from where the IIMS took place, they provided an apartment and every morning I would wake up to the hairdresser and make-up artist ready to get me all dolled up. Fab lane! :D

My Grandma passed away and it was certainly the kind of news that didn't get me jumping up and down in joy. It was an 84 years well lived, and I'm glad I don't have to see her suffer again. I don't see her often, but she's a strong woman that I look up to, and her love story with Grandpa, how she stayed faithful although Grandpa died of cancer early in his 30s and she had to raise 13 kids all by herself, that taught me a lot. The family tradition was Christmas with Grandma at her place, and it's a first that we have to celebrate it without her, it's just not the same, but I know she's looking down on us, smiling. I miss her :(

I had lunch with my Dad whom I haven't met for 4 years or so. He didn't change much, still glued to the phone, busy with work. We talked a bit, told him about Mercedes Benz and everything that had happened. Oh, to those of you who didn't know, my parents separated when I was at the age of 13. Call me whatever you like, broken home, unlucky, but I'm thankful that i learned so much from the experience, and it's great that even all through the crazy things that have happened, the people who really matter don't leave.

There are also major changes like wearing braces recently and moved to a new apartment. Also other fun highlights like the Dufan trip with friends, Christmas barbecue dinner, and the list goes on. I just wish it will all get better and better after this-- just like it always is, but I just hope it won't change. I'll be the girl with the big laugh, has a passion for music and to write. Who will never put a price on family, friends, and loved ones. And just miraculously find her ways back to her dreams, no matter how hard she insist God on stopping her.


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