Being a Girl

I can't remember the last time I wrote a long post. Lately I just write what came up in my mind and I'd lose interest in continuing to write a particular topic in less than 4 paragraphs, so blame my brain if you feel like my posts have been a little bit shorter than it used to. Well the good news is that yesterday I wrote on a full A4-sized paper and I reminded myself what real writing felt like! I just really need to be in a good mood in order to make a post, the comfort I find in good music, or a good article that warms the heart I just read. Great posts come flowing, without trying too hard, or thinking too much on what to write.
Inspiration, not perspiration. So here's what I got from writing randomly last night.

You think it's easy being a girl?
Girls deal with the misery of heels. Well, maybe not to most girls, but it's definitely a huge burden for me. I feel like I drag my feet along with me when I walk, rather than having my feet move fluidly with my body. I rejoice as I wear the oh-so comfortable flats on my non-working days. Every time I wear flats, it's like I can hear a group of choir around me singing, "Hallelujah!"

And even though I miss my long hair, I'm not the biggest fan of having to take care of long hair. It doesn't suit the weather in Jakarta, and you just have to deal with hair-fall, or other hair drama! Hair drama you ask? Let me give you an example. You purposely cut your bangs and it didn't end up the way you want it to, especially when the next day is a big day for you, and you just feel like inventing a quick hair-growing formula, 'cause it's frustrating yet you can't do anything about it!

Or how can you forget about the suddenly-there-pimples! You wake up thinking, "When did it got here?!" They show up at the most unwanted days. Then there's the dressing up part, the make-up, the never-ending hairdo sessions! BLARH!
I am not the most patient person when it comes to getting myself ready! You can check with my friends, looking fresh or polished is the last thing I think about when I go out with them. I don't enjoy my time at the salon, I don't like being in there for a long time, I don't get myself pampered, I've never dyed my hair, not planning to, and I don't even go out to get massages, I'm super ticklish, so cracking my back is all it takes to get the backaches go away.

I just realized how un-girly I've been. How my room has always been blue instead of pink. Most of the things in my cupboard are T-Shirts. I wear my Crocs to work, and it's the ones that make your feet look swollen, not the cute flats from Crocs.

Don't even get me started with PERIOD. Guys, remember that girls deal with periods! In case you're wondering why are we such 'female dogs' at this time of the month, well, imagine this, boys, try living your everyday routines with blood dripping from your "genital organ" 24/7 for 5 to 6 days nonstop, and at the same time, your stomach feels like a washing machine because everything inside felt twirling and twirling and twirling, and it drains your whole energy so you're easily tired, PLUS it hurts so much around the hips from all the blood coming out, argh it's just... TORTURE! That is why a friend of mine refer to it as my 'Wolverine Season' cause I've warned everyone around me before having my period :p

Girls don't mean some of the things they say, like when we talk to guys about a girl that we dislike then the next minute when we suddenly meet that girl she doesn't like and we just pretend like we're really good friends, but deep down we just don't like her, now that's what I mean with not really meaning what we say :p Or when a girl says that she's okay to a guy, sometimes it only means we want you to 'magically' read our mind, and say, "I know you're not okay. What's really up?" I know, I know, it's hard to understand a girl, sometimes us ourselves can't even make up our mind, that's what make us so hard to understand.

But us ladies should be thankful for the 'ladies only parking', or other benefits being a girl, like we can get a day off when we're having bad stomach cramps from PMS, or having a guy open the door, all thanks to the classic 'ladies first' rule. It's not that I hate being a girl, but there's a lot to deal with when you're a girl and sometimes guys just don't see that. Try seeing it from our perspective, maybe that will give a little insight on what we really want :p


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