Came By Surprise

I can barely pull my pants up as I changed into my comfortable PJ's after a nice quick bath. It was a well spent Christmas Eve, and although most of the day were made up of sudden change of plans that turned into new memories to remember in a lifetime, I went with the flow anyways. I ate like crazy! And don't even count the calories I stuff into my mouth! Holidays are the only exception, and Christmas is the first and only reason I wouldn't be getting near the scales or the measuring tape anytime soon! Anyone who knows me would never even consider offering me french fries, but today, I ate a whole lot of 'em without having anyone shoving any fries inside my throat.

It's not even about the food, or the places that I spent Christmas Eve with! It's the people that were there with me throughout the day that made this day ever so memorable.

It's December the 25th, and I just want to say how amazingly grateful for the people I met by chance, and yet they stay in my heart forever. How I learned that not everyone would stay like I want them to, but the memories remain eternally. People who I thought won't even be able to meet, and to my surprise became really good friends with me. Who only saw me on the tiny square boxes of their screen, yet have treated me like a friendly neighbor. I'm overwhelmed by the exceptionally, outstanding hospitality by friends who cared for me like family. Everything unplanned are better than the things that crossed my mind. Friends who know what I want and helped me achieve my dreams 'cause they know I'll do whatever it takes, but have never given me one single negative response, not even one bit. To those who reminded me that good food doesn't always mean living healthily, but the comfort it brings is just beyond explanation! Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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