A Different Galaxy

Everything seem okay here, but we could be great,
Here and now; I have to settle with what I'm told to do,
Or what I was forced to believe,
To meet you is something I'm forever thankful for,
Lucky to have seen a glimpse of light in the darkness,
I know I have my faults, and you're no perfection either,
But I saw a diamond when you're standing at a distance,
We're meant to be, but not here most likely,
Maybe at a different place, we could just run ourselves free,
Not have to bother about what people say or think,
What would matter is solely what we feel,

How about if you meet me there?
A different galaxy where we don't have to stand on a fragile line,
Between what we know and what could have been,
Where we don't have to wonder where it leads to,
Because we create the future we always wish we have,
So take my hand, let's take this trip for the sake of both of us,

For the moment, I'll snap back to reality,
I know right now the future's not so clear,
'Cause only in a different galaxy, I can touch your face without seeing your tears fall on it,
Where I don't have to fight for what I want to hold in my arms for eternity,
I might as well create that galaxy, just to have you here with me...

Dedicated to my best friend, Gilvina Gunardy, and her boyfriend, Dimas Pradipta :)
(c) Nadia Juliana
TeeKay ♥

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