Em(brace) Change

I just got braces! Ah! I'm sort of excited, somehow, 'cause in a matter of months, my teeth would be perfect (hopefully!). No more little miss snaggletooth that my family and friends tease about :p But to deal with a lot of pain, and from past experience of friends who had worn braces before told me that I'm going to lose weight because putting braces on meaning I have to be ready to give up solid food for a while! I didn't know I have to deal with porridge, soft biscuits and banana, I feel like a toothless toddler! I find it weird at first, 'cause it made my face look like a cow! Or horse. And dealing with mouth ulcer! Thank God I could still eat frozen yogurt :) I would have to take a tooth out for my next dentist appointment, surely not looking forward to that :( But I'm glad that I got braces anyways! And big thanks to Mom who helped me deal with everything and cook me some yum yum porridge for every meal :D

Last picture without wearing braces! With Vera :)

Yes, it hurts so bad.


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