I'm Me

No matter how much you say you never let people's opinions get to you, you'd still second guess yourself for it. I'm not much of an emotion-hider, even if it's not a noun, I don't care, I made it up, I know you're smart enough to understand. If I'm sad, then I'll appear sad as sad can be. If I'm happy, I'll spread it. If I'm angry, I'll show it. I know there are things that can still need some improvements, but I never want to change in the following years to come, I'd still want to see myself being this little girl with big dreams inside her head. Even when her previous dreams had came true, she'll keep on dreaming new dreams to remind herself that dreams do come true. I would still hold onto principles like there are a lot of things in this world that worth more than money-- how priceless moments can't be numbered. How I'd be broken numerous times, but I never find myself shattered. I'll keep doing things that I love, and be surrounded by people who would love me for me, not who I pretend to be. Who's always thankful for being able to wake up and smell fresh air. Or look forward to eating bread with generous amount of chocolate spread and frozen sliced bananas for breakfast from the night before, 'cause chocolate is all that I need as a moodbooster. Who only needs to listen to Michael Buble after crying her heart out. Who will always remember where she's going, yet never forget where she came from :)

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Anonymous said...

tau gak ini sapa hayooooooooo