The Last Three Days

At first, I actually didn't want to tell anyone, but since some of my friends knew, and I couldn't share anything if I kept this to myself. And I tell this story in the most humble way possible, with the least intention to brag. So umm, I guess it has been an annual thing for me and Mom. We started this from last year, I try my best to make it happen 'cause not only your body has to be prepared for it, but so does your mind, and I received more that I could ever think of this year! Basically we took three days off of our normal routine, 'isolated' ourselves from any contact with the outside, no cellphones, no TV, no internet. We fast for three days, no food, no liquid, and basically do nothing but pray, listen to Christian music and listen to sermons. Last year Mom had all the recordings of different services from a few churches and we get to listen to it on tape and watch some of the services on TV. This year was different, we only pray, listen to Christian music and read spiritual books. Somehow I managed to finish 3 books in less than 2 days, well to calculate based only on the hours, it was actually less than 24 hours, minus the nap and the baths I took in between. Talk about some divine intervention!
I learned quite a lot of things from the 3 days of 'spiritual vacation' I took with Mom. Trust me, it wasn't a walk in the park, and of course my body wanted to collapse. It's also harder when you dream about sushi in your sleep!

I literally felt like Julia Roberts from the movie Eat, Pray and Love. And this is the 'praying' part of the whole 'finding-the-pieces-of-your-life' journey. In some of my upcoming posts, I would love to share what I've learned from the books that I read in the 3 days that took me to 'another world.'

I am not the most religious person, I have a lot of sins, and I'm not the holiest person in the world, but throughout my life, I just don't see myself-- let alone living; without A Greater Power taking an amazing care of me, of my family, I'm just overwhelmed by everything that God has given to me, it bends me to the knees to see the doors opening up when one door was closed down, thankful is an understatement. I might not have the perfect reason when people come up and ask me, "Why do you think God exist?" I'm not an expert when it comes to explaining all those things. All I know is, I don't have to go to the sun to know it's up there, I can just feel the heat and I know there's a 'power' producing the heat. It's the faith that keeps me going :)


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