Please Entertain Me

People asked me how could I balance work and pleasure at the age of 18 because I barely have any spare time left, or time for myself. Let alone to go on dates, I don't even see my Mom that often. I told 'em, I make a little room to meet my friends. Even if it means at 10 or 11 p.m and just having a simple chat over some cheesecake. Or to go over their house and watch some DVD, even if it means I'd be home late or I'd have to give up some of my bedtime, but to me at least I was physically there with them, even when I was exhausted and everything from work.

I'm glad I got to catch up with a few new flicks in the cinemas. So here's a post of me giving a little feedback of the movies I recently watched. First off, Rapunzel 3D. Well, I know it's originally called "A Tangled Tale," but here in Indonesia, it's called Rapunzel. I don't know if it's for marketing purpose, or some other reason, but one thing's for sure, it was nothing like what I thought it would be. Disney, hands down, make the BEST animation and story lines AND SOUNDTRACK! I was singing "And at last I see the light..." all the way back home because it was such a beautiful song and tune to listen to! It was the complete package, the humor, the unexpected twist to the story, the unpredictable ending. All in all, it played with my imagination, just like how I expected it to be. I love movies that give little girls dream that there's happily ever after's, because there is one for each. And I love the great feeling you get after watching a good movie, and that feeling definitely tickled me on the inside after this movie ;)

Another 3D movie that I watched after Rapunzel was Narnia. I saw the trailer and just couldn't wait to see the whole movie. The moral of the story was outstanding, but the effects and everything were just okay, I mean compared to the first and second movie. I was disappointed because Susan and Peter weren't in the whole adventure. Edmund, on the other hand, was just... Dreamy. The movie left a few important messages, and although it's fictional-- in my opinion-- I get it way much better than Harry Potter. I'm up for fantasy movies, as long as they're easy to digest and have really good meaning to the story, just like Narnia.

The third movie that I watched was Due Date. It didn't need much time for me to get inside the L.O.L train, 'cause it was hilarious!!! I was looking forward to see this movie, too, and I love how the lead actors played the characters so well, how they owned it! It gave me mixed kinds of emotions, which I find is good, because that way you'll see how good the actors are, how good the people who wrote the whole script, it was such a delightful movie to see with friends, to have a good laugh and just talk about the whole movie with.

Well just now I saw The Next Three Days. I was happy because this movie was also another good choice. It was a different genre than the previous movies that I watched, this was strictly drama. I love movies that could also make you think, and this falls into that category. Unpredictable, but not disappointing. I love how this movie told about a faithful husband who trusted his wife a 100% and would do anything to bring her back. It was thrilling, and it also gave me that ticklish feeling after seeing a good movie, that indescribable feeling I get that can help me judge whether the movie's bad or good.

Movies can lift up my mood, and I'm such an easy to please person that it can give me a lot to think about and learn from. I'm just glad I could still catch up with new movies, because I'm such a moviegoer and work doesn't always allow me to be one, well I'm back on track! At least for the holiday season.


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