Snap Out of It!!!

I suppose I'm used to seeing a woman live independently without a man, like my Mom for example, I feel like it's becoming a normal thing. That's why I'm not craving for a relationship, although it would be the biggest lie to say that there's no curiosity for such. But I'm starting to feel like if it's an option I would like to consider. Live happily alone, get a decent job, adopt a kid, raise the kid, I suppose that would spare so much heartbreak, it would spare so much drama. I'm starting to wonder if taking chances would be worth it.

Love doesn't have to come from a man now, does it? You might think it's lunacy, but maybe you can grow old with something that wouldn't leave you. Maybe get a retriever. Or two. Or three.

But then again, I want to experience that memorable wedding next to the striking waves and dreamy sunset. Just with a few close people that I love. Maybe settle in a little city just outside Italy and run a farm that produces dairy products and maybe... Nutella! Be a full vegan and also develop a small winery. Picturing it gives me a ticklish feeling inside. So I guess... I shall try again?

Take a deep breath.


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