Best Compliment

I think all girls would agree that we would rather be complimented based on our personality than our outer appearance. We fully realize that someday our beauty fades, at one point her boyfriend might find a much more attractive woman, but he would never even consider another because he knows what he has is unlike any other, what counts is on the inside. He would be constantly reminded that there can only be one girl that make him smile, that would love him at his worst. Talk with him until he falls fast asleep. Tell him silly jokes or make silly faces when he's having a bad day. Put his arms around him when he feel the lowest in life. Cooks for him, sing for him, she knows it best how to turn his frown upside down. Even he knows she can get someone better, yet she stick around with him through whatever. It's simple. If the girl makes you a better person, then you're with the right person. Because what matters is how she makes him feel on the inside, it doesn't have anything to do with what he physically looks like.

keep the faith

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