Blood, Sweat, Tears

Do you feel frustrated every time someone asks you what do you look for in an opposite sex like I do? It seems like there just can never be a perfect fit, on how to answer such question. I think of it as a trick question most of the time. And trick questions are never meant to be answered.

I know how to answer to people now whenever I'm being cornered with the subject. I think the only criteria is he has to be a lot like my brother. I know he occasionally reads my blog, so just in case you are, Jason, stop smiling as if you don't look retarded enough.

I know, I know. You must think I'm crazy and shaking your head wondering why. I'll give you a few reasons why. It's because no matter how mad I would possibly be towards him, he'd be one of the first people I meet in the morning and the last person I wish good night. So many people mistaken my brother and I as a couple rather than just the ordinary Tom-and-Jerry kind of sibling rivalry. That's because we make all of our conversations fun, none of it was awkward-- or moreover-- made up. He knows me too well that he can tell if I nag because I'm having my period, or if I just got out of a fight with someone, or if I was just simply having a bad day. I am so close with my brother that he lets me have a say on who he should date or if he's about to make someone his girlfriend (well other than using me to get to my pretty friends that is!), the point is that he tells me everything. He respects girls in general and it shows by how close he is to Mom. He once saw a girl wearing a kinky outfit and he whispered to me and said that if she was his girlfriend, he would have told her to go back and change what she's wearing... and why does it start to sound like I'm promoting my own brother?!

Well honestly, we can't go a day without each other, we have to keep in touch, whether it's via Blackberry or Twitter, if we have to not see each other in 10 hours or more. Whenever I'm wrong, he tells me how to get things straight again, not judging why. Since I'm the geek and he's the jock, we use both 'potentials' to a maximum, he uses me as a walking calculator slash dictionary, and I use him to bring my bags. He is so protective that I remember the first time I went out using an eyeliner and he scolded me like he's Dad! I remember the one time he was out of town and I had to go somewhere, so as usual, I took the Busway and I had 2 creepy man followed me and I can't think of anyone else but my brother to be around to keep me safe. I guess I cling on him too much. We have so much inside jokes together that people might think we have our own world when we're laughing together. He gets along with my friends so well, I find it scary and sort of annoying at times. He also has great taste in music, which I love, and he enjoys the same movies that I do, so it's never a strange thing for us to just go out and watch the movies, just the two of us (okay now it's getting obvious why people think we're dating!). He eats the same stuffs I enjoy eating. And every time I call him names he just laughs along and won't mind. He pats me in the back to sleep whenever I'm sick because he knows I like it. We laugh, cry, sing, think alike, make the craziest jokes, and what I love is that he asks me often what I really want to do in life. He gives that extra boost when I'm down, in general, he believes what I dream in. So I guess he can tutor the next guy that is up for a try, maybe because my brother is the only guy who stuck around for my lifetime.

keep the faith

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narendra said...

This reminds me of how I want to have a sister so much but it turns out I got a brother so yeah, he's a best friend.

Nadia Juliana said...

Haha I want a little brother too, but I will surely miss being the youngest. Must be fun being an older sibling...