Dummy2Dummy Guide 'Skills Schmills!'

This is the second 'Dummy2Dummy' post I made in my blog. Click on my 'Labels' tag below to see the other 'Dummy2Dummy' post. Okay. First of all, I know I'm not an expert on this, not like I'm some kind of blogging guru or a New York Times best-selling author (...yet!), but here's a few tips on how I write. I hope making points doesn't make me seem such a know-it-all! Trust me, I still have lots of learning to do. So, feedbacks and comments are always welcome! :)

  1. Don't sweat on the little things! Imperfection is perfect. Don't put too much effort worrying if it's 'neighbor' or 'neighbour', your or you're, should you use a colon or semi-colon, long or short hyphens, using apostrophes, quotation marks and all those stuffs. Truth is, blogging is not merely about sending a message to the readers, but also learning about yourself. You'll get better by time and you'll learn from your mistakes! Allow people to comment and be open to critics because it'll make your blog better, but don't let people who make bad comments for the sake of bringing you down get to you.
  2. For a beginner, find out which lane do you fit most. Are you here to write about solely your personal life, or do you want to review movies or such, or you can promote yourself like creating a fashion blog or even open a business through blogging. From there onwards, you can start making topics and it'll be easier for you to distinguish yourself from other bloggers! You'll never know what offers you might get with just simply typing about how smelly your feet are after wearing a pair of sweaty socks! Well, maybe not so much, other than a cotton-made socks company that could give you a complimentary pair of socks when you mention the company name when you blog, but! You'll never know...
  3. Get ready to write about anything and I mean anything at all! You are your own reporter (and sometimes cameraman!), blog is your newsroom! I keep my notes on my Blackberry and simultaneously typing new topics in and maybe later on expand the topic to a certain level before letting the world know what's going on my mind. My tip is do not procrastinate when it comes to writing down your thoughts or you'll regret it! If you have to, write on a piece of a napkin. It'll worth the waking up last minute, grabbing a pen and writing it down whenever you have 'surprising new ideas' before going to bed. Well since I'm weird, I talk to myself in front of the mirror, projecting Oprah 'the talk show host' to keep the topic flowing. I'm not losing my mind, I'm just in my blogging zone!
  4. Read, read, read! Read about how other bloggers make their posts, read about articles you can find on the web, read books, reviews, the dictionary, or even Wikipedia if you have to! Don't forget to write down words that sound new and unfamiliar to you and challenge yourself to write with those words that you've just found the meaning of on your next post. You'll learn new things while 'teaching' the world about yourself along the way!
  5. Be yourself. I know I'm starting to sound like some kind of Multivitamin, Supplement-Selling motivator speaker on a boring seminar, but I just want to emphasize in this case where you don't have to be anyone but you! Blogging is like your fingerprint, everybody else's are different. Read other blogs as references, but never-- I repeat-- never become a copycat! There's a fine line between being inspired and committing plagiarism. Inspired is getting an idea and totally make it your own. Having said that, it won't totally erase the fact that 'you got it from someone else,' but it still represents you, making your own mark. That's very different than simply copy-pasting someone else's post.
  6. Create a writing mood. Listen to music that soothes you, watch funny or inspiring movies, read some more, I don't know how you do it, but for me, I have to be in a very good mood before making a post or it won't be as good as the ones made with a jolly heart. That way you'll get the hang of it and will start to miss blogging if you haven't done it in a while.
  7. Let it flow. Don't make too much rules or it'll be such a burden. My only rule is as simple as this: If I put way too much thought into it, then it's just simply not good. Whenever a topic comes popping in your head, it should come continuously flowing; and know this, blogging isn't about impressing anyone, it's about expressing yourself! Inspiration, not perspiration! Good news is, your blog is your world, you can decide who you want to be in it. Don't worry about if people would relate to what you write or trying to please people by writing something that is currently hip or cool, but try writing what you feel as a start. Everybody feels, and that's why we can connect through words alone. It's like telling the world, without having to say a word (because you know, you type, and saying means talking it out loud, and you don't talk it out loud since you only need to type and yeah... I should stop now!). Somewhere out there, someone can relate to what you feel. Even if it's random, even if you think it is not that important, you can actually make someone stop and think.
The great thing is that blogging allows me to meet lots of amazing writers that also inspire me to do more blogs, and I love hearing comments about what I write, too. I love how people message me on Facebook saying that they miss my blogs whenever I slack off on my writing hobby, or suddenly receive a Blackberry Messenger message saying how much they could relate to what I went through or things I shared in the blog. It made my day. No, that's wrong, I'm still up in the air about the comments I read last year, so it really made me enjoy writing, is it something I see myself as a career, I'm nowhere near such opportunity, but at this point in my life, anything is scarily possible, that's thrilling!

keep the faith

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narendra said...

Today. You inspire me. Bless you Nadia Juliana.

Nadia Juliana said...

Eda! Glad you read one of my random posts (again!) And being way too generous with the compliment haha who am I to inspire? You're the inspiration here, mr. singer-songwriter.