Getting Better ♥

Other than meeting old friends that I haven't seen in a while and also meet the friends that I've known since forever in cyberspace but never meet in flesh, I just feel happier in general these days. I don't know why. I really wish this is a start of something great. Two months ago, the last guy that I was attached to actually ditch me because I was seemingly changing and said that I'm not "as optimistic" as I used to be. He's a best friend. We never had an exclusive relationship, we were stuck in the friends zone. I can imagine losing a lover, I could never imagine losing a best friend, which unfortunately, I have. He said I wasn't the girl that was full of dreams and passion that he knew back then, few years back. Not that I'm stubborn and that I can't take any critics in, but none of what he said move me. I feel the exact opposite actually. I felt like I'm more enthusiastic than ever nowadays. I look forward to waking up and facing the day. More lively. There are still those humanly worries that haunt me, anxious of what life has in store for me. Well I promised myself to be open to new things from this day on, here's to the changes to come, to the arrival of love, to the amazing opportunities that could possibly change my life.

keep the faith

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