I Salute You

This post was inspired by a good friend that Tweeted, "F*ck you, distance!" I never had any, yet I heard a lot of my friends' stories and I want to share my thoughts about it with you. It is not an easy task, not having someone to hug when you miss them, to just simply touch their skin and know that they're physically there when you need them. The time difference, trust issues, all of those just in the way of your relationship. Seeing the person on a 15 inch screen about to get ready to go to bed when you're just starting the day, or vice versa. Small problems become big when distance weighs in. It will be so easy for you to give in to that situation, but remind yourself just how much you are putting at stake. I fell for someone afar once. We weren't in a relationship, but there was an expectation to that level, at least to me there was. Sadly, it didn't end well. I feel exhausted for the one man effort I tried to pull since I worked hard for it to work things out, yet he just can't seem to be bothered. People say long distance relationships could never last. I say there's always a first in everything. Love. At the end of it all, that's the one thing that keeps you going. Wouldn't it hurt you just to think about giving up knowing you fought for it for so long? So, for anyone going through a long distance relationship, I salute you.

keep the faith

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narendra said...

Trust me, it gets harder every day. Day keeps falling on a leap year. You're right, all you need is love. Maybe it's me being wrong, if I'm getting tired of this distance.