King of Fire

I'll write just a tiny portion of what I know about someone, a small amount of facts, but enough to convince that he has taken a considerable size in my life nowadays. I used to think that the longer you know someone, the better you'll get to know them. Boy how I was wrong. Well, this guy changed that view, to say the least. It didn't take long for him to start calling me names and tease about my not-so-pointy nose. But as he speaks, I learned to admire him a little more. When we first briefly met a few months ago, my mind juggled a few words to say to him and thought, "Hmm," before he gave me some sort of weird handshake, smiled and said, "Hello." Long story short, out of the blue, without any plans whatsoever, we met up recently and he took me to a place that didn't take miles to get from where I live, and I was curious to know where his thoughts are taking me to, because his mystery evoked a joyous mind. Probably one of the few guys, and I say this in the utmost respect because this is a very good trait, who doesn't smoke. He reads, that's probably where he gets most of his creativity sharpened by time, I can tell he's not the typical shallow young man you'd meet anywhere, I'm one of the lucky few. He shared stories of how we grew up, how his parents mold him as the man he is today, things you would never expect coming out from a guy who knows what's the name of the perfume I was using that night (No, seriously, no guy has ever guessed or even exactly recall what perfume I use, got to adore his quality of detailed identification). Even when his stories showed me how independent this man is, I can easily tell that family is a huge part of his life. What never ceased to amaze me is that he knows me more than I know myself! I would never imagine someone who thought Michael Faraday was Superman actually paid attention to me. A nobody. While him, with all the glory and natural skills to boogie, actually would meet up with me and say, "You look like Kate Beckinsale." (Okay, the Kate Beckinsale part was made up! He didn't say that, ha! But he sure loves talking about Kate... And everything else I wrote about him is true) It wasn't weird, or strange, even the most unusual topic like how he told me I should have pulled my nose while I poo before I was 17 so it would end up more pointy than it is now (Yes, exactly, it makes so much sense, if only I met him earlier, my nose wouldn't look this way... Sense the sarcasm!), everything we talked about didn't sound strange or uncommon to me. Behind his very laid-back nature that I can see when his eyes lit up when he told me his desire to go backpacking, I can also see a serious and deep character, one that stood out. Who'd also knew that he loves penguins and doesn't enjoy a good game of soccer. Then I stopped and gaze into his fiery eyes when he said he loves jazz. As if I need one more reason to admire him any more. He said something that gave me chills. I didn't need any more convincing when he told me he's a man with both a mission and a vision, it was downright believable. He is one of those gifted people that I met who can make you feel better without even saying one word. Just his presence, his aura was so strong, it's almost overwhelming to me. It's like I want to keep up with him, because he's just too astonishing, almost as if I try hard to impress him yet he doesn't even have to try, I'm already impressed. As promised, I'll keep his name anonymous, a venerable young gentleman. Been a fan, still a fan, always a fan. Whatever happens in the future, I really hope I'll get to see him doing the things he loves to do in the long run. Oh, maybe he just needs to learn how to drive a stick shift right!

keep the faith

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narendra said...

When I'm feeling blue. All I have to do is to read this. You always know how to make me smile hands down.