New Level, New Devil

Emphasize on the title. That quote jumped out of the book and went right inside my brain, causing the urge of posting another blog. Quote of the month, if not, quote of the year. If you want to be taken towards greater heights then prepare yourself for much tougher obstacles. Fear is not something you can get rid of, but it is something you could still overcome.

Immediately we'll have to face challenges that will obstruct our way before entering a new level, almost right after or while we're still dealing with an obstacle. But there are not one challenge that you face in life that another person didn't go through too. Someone must have experienced defeat, someone must have experienced great loss. The good thing that you should always look forward to- and also keep in mind- is that every problem comes in a complete package; also with its own solution. Someone must have experienced similar difficulties that you have suffered from. Theodore Roosevelt had to lose both of his mother and his wife on the same day before he became a war hero and an effective president to the United States. Henry Ford was broke five times before succeeding in the automobile business. Levi Strauss, invented what is known today as the 'blue jeans,' lost his Dad after a terrible fight with tuberculosis. And who would have guessed that an eminent leader like Sir Winston Churchill had speech impediment in his early life? Remind yourself that if you have to face a problem, it means you're still living. Trust me, if you don't have to deal with any kind of issue in life, you're better off dead. Even though there might be problems that are almost similar, how the mystery is solved always vary.

Imagine yourself hiking in a forest and in just a while you begin to realize that you're lost. All you see on every side is big trees and dirt. And not for long you find yourself scurrying around from ants and snakes. You don't know where this path is taking you, you're exhausted and all sluggish. Instead of doing nothing or waiting for help to come your way, just keep walking, and keep climbing. In times of need, you'll figure it out yourself how to survive. I know it's easier to go downhill than up, but when you get to the top, you'll reminded why you hiked in the first place. I know everyone has goals, you'll get through hard situations, but you'll result being stronger than before you face any of it. It might seem overwhelming when trouble keeps coming your way, you're depleted and almost feel defeated. Keep your eyes on the prize, don't make erroneous decisions without considering how much you have worked for it and also the effort you've put into everything and end up just giving in easily. So many people missed the silver lining because they were expecting gold. There is something working in your favor behind the things that went wrong. Truth is, life goes on. Adversities are meant to be confronted and conquered, so do not run away from it. I learned that no matter how hard I try running away from a difficulty, in a different time or chance, I will be confronted to face it once more, it will only stop until I have overcome.

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is pressing forward while the feeling of fear is present.

This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-- in nothing, great or small, large or petty-- never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force, never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
-Winston Churchill

P.S: Do not hesitate on leaving comments or critics. I can handle it :) Just keep them clean, I want my blog to be satisfactory and acceptable to all ages :p


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narendra said...

It might be the quote of the year. Let's check it out!


Nadia Juliana said...

We'll see about that, won't we?:) Thank you for reading, Da:)