The Only Exception ♥

Have you ever eaten anything too spicy that it felt like a bomb of chili exploded in your tummy? People call it having butterflies in your stomach, I call it The Chili Feeling. I always make mellow posts when it comes to talking about love. I never like it when my melancholic side shows, I wish I'm vigorous at all times.

So tell me, dear ol' self, are you scared or scarred? I'm delving deeper. No one ever gets tired of loving, but I know everyone, including me, gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing promises, saying sorry and all the hurting. Every time a beautiful thing starts, I get so caught up in the moment and thinking it would never end, knowing in the back of my mind he will stay, then it all falls apart. But I do realize that I learn valuable lessons every time something ends. I never attempted to find someone perfect because I always knew that he doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what I need. I wish for a happy ending, thinking this could actually last forever. But I realized why should I hope for a happy ending when it means it had to end? The letting go is the worst part. I was never ready for a goodbye. Who's ever? I mean, you can erase someone from your mind, getting them out of your heart is a different story. Because you don't have to hold his hand, kiss a guy, or be in bed with someone to let him walk into your heart, 'cause that's exactly where he has touched you, in your heart, that's all you need to fight common sense.

Of course everyone has their own criteria to some extent, just don't let your brain fool the heart, and vice versa. Someone who has everything you want won't always make you their everything. So don't make someone your everything if they make you mean or feel like nothing. Just know that someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with someone else. Someone, who will be your only exception. No matter how much you keep your guards up, someone will break them down into pieces. Even if the size of the wall you've built is as big as the Wall of China, like mine, someone will bring a crane if he has to. I was told that I've had to deal with all the wrong ones, to be able to tell when someone is finally right. 'Love cures commitment phobia,' I once heard. I'm still here to find out. One guy. Just one. To prove not all of them are the same.

keep the faith

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