So happy about how I started this year!!! :D One of the good things that I did was that me and a good friend of mine, Jesse, just made a song together. Kind of excited that it finished well. It's still a rough draft, but it sounds so good, thanks to Jesse who did the arrangements. So it started out back in the days, about 2 or 3 years ago I suppose, we used to have battles on who makes the best lyrics. And I love how he could use amazing words and turn it to good music. I just could not think about who would become a better partner to make a fun project together other than with him (My brother is going to be sooo mad at me!) Recently we decided to just join our heads together and make a duet. Can't really tell what it's like or how it sounds like. Since he's in the states, it's harder to find the time to meet and really 'talk' about it. I'm glad it's done though :) And we're not "a couple," we just happen to have equal taste in music and love to goof off and turn it into good use ;)
As Tony Bennett would say, KEEP THE FAITH, BABY!

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