Asian Pride

People tend to underrate Asian movies and have overrated some of the Western movies. Honestly, Asian movies are as interesting and should have earned enough credit to be reckoned with just as the Hollywood movies get all the glory. Slumdog Millionaire for example, it took my breath away. I love seeing movies that make you think, not just the same-old same-old which you can guess the ending from seeing the trailer or the poster of the movie!

Andy Lau and Jackie Chan alone were enough to catch my eyes and get me into seeing the movie. Although the setting of the movie was very old fashioned, it didn't miss the tiny details, so it really made you feel like you're living a hundred years in the past. I think everyone were doing great with the acting, the familiar faces did an excellent job of playing each of the character. The movie did an amazing job with playing with the audience's emotions, it had always been intense from the beginning, it had its touching moments, it had its hilarious scenes too, this movie keeps you on your feet. It is actually tougher for Asian movies to make the scenes where they're getting physical. Fighting scenes are not a piece of cake, they have to do the choreography and one wrong move can cost them! It's not a movie that only required shooting skills and just killing the enemies with a shot in the head and they're dead, but they actually have to train themselves into getting fit enough to do the kung fu.

The great thing is also it's not pointless, but it actually shows a huge variety of moral in the message of the movie. This movie taught me about loss, betrayal, regrets, and last but not least, forgiveness. I learned one very important thing too, make steamed buns, not war! :)

keep the faith

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