You know what they say, if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. After the mixed feedbacks I got for Burlesque, I finally saw the movie myself. I remember I have always waited for her part when she sang "Lady Marmalade" for the soundtrack of the movie "Moulin Rouge," Christina Aguilera is definitely born for the part. Although she is not a teenager anymore (Who could have guessed that she's turning 31!), her front bangs supported a much younger look. I haven't seen "Nine," so I can't really compare Burlesque to it.

I'm a fan of musicals, so I knew that I was in for an amusing treat! Christina deserves the top spot, even from the beginning of the movie I was already captivated by her big voice. I can tell that Christina is very petite, but size shouldn't underestimate skill! At first I thought the musical numbers were just okay, but as the movie goes on, it gets even harder to get your eyes off of Christina. She looks so gorgeous without the heavy make-up. Kristen Bell played alongside this mother of one as the rival inside the Burlesque bar. Of course Bell beat Aguilera in the acting section, but Aguilera undoubtedly scored a home run in the singing and dancing part of the movie. No movie is complete without a love interest, and in this case, it was not disappointing. The storyline in general was nothing new to me, but still gives a fresh twist to the already awesome performances. There was one number of Christina channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe, with the popping red lipstick and golden curly hair, she looks absolutely stunning. My favorite is when Christina was front and center, no background singers, not even one dancer in sight, and she was wearing this bright alluring green dress, belting out her amazing vocals, I was blown away with her performance, instant goosebumps! Some people actually thought that the movie is too revealing, but to me it didn't push any boundaries, it showed just the right amount of things. But let's not be fake about it, this is the kind of movie that will get guys sitting at the edge of their seats!

keep the faith

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Narendra Pawaka said...

Guys sitting at the edge of their seats? I wonder what it feels like?

Nadia Juliana said...

You'll have to experience it to believe it!:p

Anonymous said...

Amazing and marvelous,I guess that's the right words to described this movie..
It also my fave part when she sang Bound To You,makes me wish I had that kind of voice..
Aniway,I read ur blog,and I love it!!why don't u write ur own book? =D

Nadia Juliana said...

Aww thank you. That is the perfect way to end my February. I write because I love to, it hasn't crossed my mind to make this a living, but it sounds awesome to be able to do so!
Thank you thank you thank you!! I hope you stay tuned and I hope you don't get bored easily with the things I write on my blog. Thank you, Anonymous.