Dummy2Dummy Guide: Play on Broken Strings

Again, not trying to act like such a "know-it-all," I just want to write a few things I learned from hearing my friend's stories and from a few books I read. It is extremely hard to keep a relationship once you've found how imperfect your lover is. The key is to make room for each other's mistakes, accepting the fact that they have faults is a good start. Secondly, talk it through. Often times relationships fall apart 'cause there were too many stuffs going on and yet both minds silently agreed to hide it from each other. Give him/her a chance to be the best that he/she can be, even if it means creating a few mishaps along the way. After all, we're still having a hard time figuring who we really are. There will be bad days, don't drown yourself constantly in negativity. Always choose peace. Don't be reminded by the mistakes in the past, remember that love gives room for forgiveness. Just remind yourself that your relationship will be going to the next level once you've went through a difficult phase or test. It's so much easier to dictate each other's imperfections, but the challenge is to see past that. Stop making tiny little sticky notes in your head about your lover's mistakes. If you think you're the one who's always right, take a few moments to think this through: Would you rather be the right person all the time or would you rather save your relationship? If you want to save your relationship, then you would have to remember to always put your ego aside. It takes a person with a big heart to apologize when he/she realizes that he/she is wrong, but it takes a whole lot of courage to say sorry to something he/she didn't do, 'cause you consciously realize your relationship worth so much more than your ego.

I want to tell you a really sweet story that is based on an actual event about a newlywed, whose wife accidentally crashed her car that was her wedding gift from her recently official husband. So an old man who bumped into her car approached to this woman and asked her with a friendly tone, "Are you okay, Miss?" She had a hard time answering him while crying her heart out, "I'm fine," she stutters, "It's just that, my husband just gave me this car and I'm scared that he is going to flip. I don't know what to do," she answers as her forehead began to wrinkle, showing signs of frustration through her face. "He'll understand," the old man tried to comfort her, "Give me all your insurance details, I will take care of it and we can carry on to wherever we're going." She was getting more uneasy as she answered with tears falling down her cheeks, "I'm not even sure we have insurance," her lips started to shiver, making it hard for her to talk. "Why don't you see what's in there?" The old man pointed to the glove compartment and told her to check if it's inside. She opened it and found informations about the insurance details with an envelope attached to it. She opened the envelope and there's a note inside that says, "Honey, if you ever had an accident, please remember that I love you, not this car."

That's what I meant about seeing past through each other's imperfections. You realize that at one point he/she will not be what you expect them to be, but you love them regardless. You might think that you and your lover are just so... Different. It is supposed to be that way! You two are supposed to be different! If you were to find someone exactly the same, you're suppose to date your own clone! Don't ask your lover to change, instead, the challenge is to adapt with the behavior and still cause you to fall over and over again for them, even harder every time, because your differences are supposed to make you grow stronger. Your strengths should cover your lover's flaws, and it works the other way around. You are supposed to complete each other, not compete against each other!

keep the faith

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