Friends with Benefits

I've never seen Natalie Portman did any comedy before, but a good actress is a good actress no matter what genre she was told to act out on. Although I personally love what Cameron Diaz has served to the table when she played co-starring Mr. Kutcher in "What Happens in Vegas," then again, if you turn the tables and make Cameron play Natalie's roles in the past, she wouldn't have done it as good as she did, so every actresses have their own "comfort zones," so to speak. Despite of it all, Portman and Kutcher made a really cute and sweet couple. Ashton Kutcher is such an eye candy and in the movie, seeing him being soaked in blue colors, like driving a blue BMW, and a cute plaided blazer that he wore on his Valentine's date, was a really delightful treat. There were some "Wow" moments like when Ashton said, "I'm warning you, if you take one step closer, I'm never letting you go," that was sweet. And how Natalie stood up for Ashton when she said that she'll choose Ashton over any guy on their dinner when Ashton's ex-girlfriend told him that she was planning to have a baby with Ashton's dad (awkward scene, I know!).

Although I personally think they got the cycle all wrong, how they have to have sex in order to realize that they're in love with each other, but I totally get the message of how sometimes you fall for the person you said you would never fall for or think you could ever fall for. Love is inevitable and the more you deny it, the stronger it comes back to you. I see a lot of myself in Emma (Not in the striking bone structure way or extremely overworked person). How she felt the need to be strong for her family, or the way she kept seeing all these flaws in a guy when she could just give love a try, the walls she built, I definitely know what that felt like. I guess what eliminated her fear of falling in love was following her intuitions, even when she was unsure of it at the moment. I love how she had to feel the regret of (almost) losing Ashton, that was something that really hit me in the head!

Even when they have made an agreement that they won't ever fall in love with each other, you can tell that they will end up together, or else I'll put the scriptwriter down to the grave. I mean, who doesn't want a happy ending, right? Oh wow, "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's was the closing soundtrack at the end of the movie, and now it's playing on my iTunes. Creepy. Oh well, it was a movie that would be anyone's favorite. Entertaining, heartwarming, sweet. You'll never know, unless you give it a try.

keep the faith

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