Hot Air Balloon

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, my internet just wouldn't want to compromise when I needed it most. So what I did was, from a few posts earlier, I've been posting it from my Blackberry (Maybe you've noticed I've been using the standard font and didn't edit a single word in the couple posts I've done earlier, not even at the end of the post, referring to the 'keep the faith' sign). But I've learned that if you don't get what you work for, then you just have to work with what you've got.

February has been going okay so far, I got a feeling that it'll get better. One of the fun things I did at the beginning of the month was going out with my brother and getting through the bookshelves in Times. It was a surprise for me when my brother told me that he wanted to go to the bookstore. Well, because I felt that it's something new for him since I thought he'd never read books unless it's fully colored and there's pictures in it! But well, I would never ignore the good intentions, interests can expand too, you know. And to my surprise, he's actually a good company! One of the books that caught our eyes was this gigantic book that felt more like an encyclopedia actually, filled with names and informations from all countries around the world, from A to Z, Argentina, to Zimbabwe, (also other name of countries in between, some of which I didn't even know exist!) and it's not like any other travel books that are boring and pointless, this one actually lets your mind wander and brings your imagination to a whole different dimension. It provided the 'all-you-need-to-know' lists, such as the best time to go to that particular place, the words that might come in handy, and of course it didn't miss the simple details like the to-do-list when you get there, the informations about the culture for us to adjust when you arrive to a country. The first thing that came in mind was, "Whoa, whoever got to travel to all this amazing places to gather informations and pictures is one lucky fella!" I think everyone would agree that even people who don't enjoy riding on airplanes would want to travel the world. It didn't take long for me and my brother to have wild dreams of us seeing those places. From the lovely smell of airports that I can't get rid of, the laid back and fun trips that might end up as memories we'll remember forever.

Memories. I asked my brother, wouldn't it be cool if we get to travel to all these jaw-dropping places? We might want to bring this book and put a check on every page of the country that we've been to. Then he brought me back to Earth and said that the book was too heavy for us to bring anywhere (it probably weighs up to 3 kilos, or more! No kid!). I told my brother we should bring a piece of the country to remind us by, like the menu of a restaurant from the country for example, since postcards are a lame souvenir! Of course it's fun to imagine doing all those things! Do you know the couple who sold everything they possessed back at their hometown to record their journey of traveling all around the world and sold all their documentaries to make a fortune? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me! Who's with me? ;)

...Ha. I'm a koo koo head! What else is new!

Keep the faith

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