Honestly I didn't even know what the movie was about, I even misspelled the title of the movie while at the ticket booth (Sometimes I don't even know why I write when I can't even say some words right! Embarrassed much?), but the person who accompanied me to the movies said that it was going to be a good movie, and it's a good thing I didn't regret trusting his basic good natural instincts.

The whole movie I can only remember complimenting the lighting of the sets! The funny thing that I can still clearly recall was that I thought it was a cartoon's trailer at the beginning of the movie since it felt so 3-dimension. The setting, the background, EUROPE! Jaw-dropping. The interesting part about The King's Speech is that it was based on a true story, and these kind of stories are the ones to watch. Basically it tells a story about a king who had stammering problems, which reminded me of Winston Churchill, the famous Prime Minister, who also suffered speech impediment in his younger years. The soundtrack, one of the best part of the movie, was very catchy. Colin Firth, who got the lead role as King George VI, played an astonishing yet challenging character that made me wonder the whole movie on how long did it take for him to get into character and to get that stuttering to look so evidently real. The movie also painted the loyalty of his wife who supported him throughout the whole process, how she helped him to seek help, and encouraging him while doing so. The Queen found a so-called 'doctor,' named Lionel Logue, who turned out to be a senior actor that succeeded in helping the King put his stammering problems to an end. I love how he said, "My game, my turf, my rules," when the Queen insisted for Logue to do 'therapy' in her house (Or it's better referred as a palace!), because Logue had ways of his own in dealing with King George's problem, a very unusual and rather odd ways, if I may add. It reminded me of how Anne Sullivan dealt with little Helen Keller, how I learned that eventually perseverance pays off. This movie taught me about friendship, and I also learned that change might not be what we want, but change might just be the one thing we need.

keep the faith

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