Telepathic Rendezvous

I remembered it like it was just yesterday. He was wearing grey and I was wearing black. The two colors that would least describe what Valentine was like. Maybe we subconsciously realize that we would rather bear the pain than to settle with normality. At first I wasn't looking forward for Valentine's, it was great because I didn't expect anything at all out of it, I thought it was going to be some ordinary day like the rest, turns out the best things happen when you least expect them to. It was raining, and there were traffic everywhere. He was trying to keep track of time, but the warm and cozy feeling had the clock racing to the beat of my heart. I really want to tell everything in detail, by time I probably will, at the moment all the feelings are just mine to keep. I can't even say what was the best part of the day, whether it was the bookstore hopping, the lunch in between traffic, the 'treasure hunt,' the concert, the dinner, the late night walk while it drizzles, or the last drive before saying goodbye. Valentine felt more like being kidnapped for a day, and yet the thief stole nothing but my heart.

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