I wonder why I care so much about how people would feel about things when they don't even care I have feelings. Isn't it sad? You try your hardest never to let your loved ones down, but all you got in return is hurt. I guess it's true how they said that the people you love most are the ones who have the keys to disappoint you the most. Maybe that's why I've never been so attached to someone, 'cause I know for sure that one day, sooner or later, they will crush your heart to a million pieces. The tragic scene lies beneath the assurance of credibility. I wish I can be heartless for a while. Not to be bitter or mourn over the feeling of betrayal. Sad how I would guard my friend's secrets with my life and yet your friend makes it seem like the more you tell them you can't tell a soul, the more people are going to hear about it. Oh fragile ol' spirit, when will you ever learn that you should never lean on anyone?

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