Gotta Getaway

Every time there's a sudden thought that comes up in my mind, a statement I just read in a book, or if something, good or bad, happened during the day, I can't help but thinking, "I have to write about this, I have to write about this..." Writing. Its simplicity is the thing that made my day so much better. It's the refreshing getaway that never fails to lift up my mood. Well I wouldn't reject a generous offer of a 4-night beach vaca if any of you readers are somehow moved to give me one.

...note that I'm only half joking :)

A man and his wife were waiting at the airport and were about to go abroad for holiday purposes. Their plane got delayed for 2 hours so they have no other choice but to sit and wait for another couple of hours. The husband was getting impatient and starting to complain about the smallest things to her wife, but her wife dealt with him without getting weary. By the time they board on the plane, the air hostess come up to them and told them that there has been a mistake in the economy class seating arrangements so that the airplane company has randomly picked 2 passengers to change seats to the first class and they were the two who got picked to transfer to the business class. As the plane took off, the husband apologized for being cranky towards her and told her how he regretted being irritating while waiting for the plane. Her wife gently replied, "The biggest reward is not that we got these first class seats, but it's having a man besides me who admits to being wrong. With you losing your temper, I learned to be more patient. I'm grateful that your weakness made me strong."
My point exactly! Sometimes we're focusing on the bad sides of things when we can easily convert all the energy to doing something good. I know, I know, it's utter and complete bull to be all hippity hop every time something you planned didn't go your way, but no matter how wrong a situation may be, the response or reaction in your heart has to always be right.

One gloomy afternoon, a woman got fired from her work, got her stuffs cleaned up and left early. She was driving her way home from her office, got stuck on the traffic and she looked up realizing it's beginning to rain. She cried herself out of frustration thinking things couldn't get any worse. And yes, you guessed it, it actually did. Her car flashed a red sign, showing her that the car is about to run out of gas. So with the remaining gas that the car had, she pulled over. She thought if only she didn't go to work that day, if only she didn't got fired, she kept thinking about the "What Ifs" and regretted the things she did during the day. Then a shadow of a man holding an umbrella brought her back to reality and she opened her car window. The man, with a blue raincoat covering his stocky body, offered this lady some help. While accompanying her at the coffee shop at the gas station, they started to get to know each other, and long story short, the man who helped her out of the messy situation became her husband.

These two stories were based on actual events and I guess that's what made the impression that much memorable. Remember, no matter how wrong a situation may be, the response or reaction in your heart has to always be right.

Something that I learned from "The Amazing Race," which is a game show about groups made out of pairs traveling around the world trying to win challenges in each of the destinations, is that your true colors are shown when you're most uncomfortable about things, when something or someone is pushing your buttons.
Sometimes this chain of unlucky events is just a way of experiencing the things you should experience, meeting the people you should meet, or be in a place where you should be. The classic lesson of "everything happens for a reason." The great thing about our brain is that it works just as amazing as a computer or a laptop does. So if you were programmed to just think about the negative out of anything, it will result to the way you absorb informations in, causing you to react negatively. Imagine if you always turn the negative to a positive, because satisfaction comes from within, you can minimize the drama part in your family, of your friendship, or relationship. The perfect getaway from your negative side in life, is by constantly remaining in the positive.

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One of Indonesia's finest, Bali!

Maldives! Looks divine...

Phuket, golden sand and clear blue waters.

Vietnam! Don't you just want to dive in?

P.S: Can you guess which one would be my pick?

keep the faith

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