Peace of Mind

"My head is spinning but my heart is in the right place..."

And that is just a simple yet a very "spot-on" statement from one of the songs I listen over and over to in my High School days. I miss the old head-banging Ashlee Simpson. Where has the good ol' days gone? And now here I am laying helplessly on my bed, being grateful now that my internet has come to its senses that I haven't (properly) blog in so long, letting me (finally) type all this nonsense on my blog (slash diary sometimes). Not that I have much to say. I just have... Um, I don't know... 10 notes on my Blackberry that I haven't transferred to my laptop. Which I can't be bothered to do at the moment. Need to get my writing mood back. So for the moment, I'll just blab by myself until you block me forever from your internet access (yes, writers have the tendency of exaggerating how they really feel).

So many thoughts have been running through my mind. So many emotions that I can't even show which would best describe how I feel. Have you ever had so much to say but you just don't know how to say it? Like it's stuck on your throat and you want to do something about it but just don't know how? This is one of those moments where I wish I could see the future just to get the serenity for today. Just for today. One of those times in life where I completely let go of my steering wheel. I have to just believe where God is taking me. A few things I learned in the beginning of March are these things: There are still things you can find that worth so much more than money can buy. Happiness, just like trust, is a choice. And letting go is crucial, holding onto something that is uncertain is like grasping sand in the palm of your hands.

keep the faith

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